Print options

Digital, Litho or Web

The Right Solution

Printing technology has gone through enormous change over the past 10 years with technology making its mark. New techology and robotisation has improved production efficiencies with the result that prices are now very competitive.

The evolution of digital printing presses has revolutionised the way small quantities of brochures and catalogues can now be produced at sensible prices, with personalised marketing products increasing in popularity.

Digital print is ideal for delivering small print runs or when a quick turnaround is required. Digital is a very convenient process and satisfies the customer who requires a high quality at a budget outlay. Personalised letters and marketing products are becoming increasingly popular, which is where digital can provide the ideal solution.

Lithographic print is better suited for longer print runs and where high quality is required. Litho is one of the most widely used processes and caters for most print requirements.

If you are looking for very large quantities of brochures, catalogues or magazines, then web will be the ideal choice. Instead of cut sheets, web uses large reels of paper that run continuously through the presses, with all processes being processed in one run, so quantities need to be high to be economical.

Newspapers are printed on different web presses and also use large paper reels. Again, there has to be significant quantities to be economical as these presses run very fast and print large quantities on special lightweight news print.

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